Tuesday, 18 November 2014

DIY Supernatural Winchester Journal Necklace

"It was the heat of the moment..." 
 If Asia's waking me up then that means it's Tuesday. Have I mentioned before that I love Supernatural? I've just finished Season 7, my first essay has been handed in, the 200th episode has come out and I've passed the denial stage now and just let it consume my life so...

It is possibly the most amazing thing I have ever made and it was super easy, like, dying in Supernatural easy.
Everything I used, plus salt (obviously)
The notebook it a small rectangle of card (approx. 5cm x 3cm) and then 7 (or more if you want) slightly smaller rectangles on normal lined paper. Fold all the bits of paper in half and glue them together so you have a mini book, I dipped some of mine in coffee to make them brown and crinkly and beautiful, I think it probably says something about me that this was my first time using my hairdryer since I arrived at university. Then just let your imagination run wild, these were my pages but it can be whatever you want. I just used an ordinary black Biro and a pencil and on some of the pages I used bits of newspaper. This Wikipedia page is really useful if you want to make it really accurate John's Journal Pages but I like the fact you could also include quotes from the show. When I needed to write something to fill in the blank spaces I just used the lyrics from Carry on My Wayward Son and I found doing some parts in Biro and some in HB pencil was very effective.

As you can see some pages I replicated while others just payed homage to the show.

My initial idea was to draw the Impala, but cars are hard and number plates are easy.

Because you never know when having an exorcism on hand could be useful.

 For the cover of the Journal I just coloured in the card with a brown pencil, selotaped down an eyepin (I think that's what they're called, it's like a little metal stick with a loop on top) then I glued the paper book into it.
The devil's in Sam Winchester the detail.

I found the little bottle at a craft store, along with the necklace loops (jump rings?) and eyepins. After I filled the bottle with salt I super-glued the cork down, less practical for hunting ghosts I know but also less likely to result in awkward spillages.
Got Salt? I took mine from lunch today.

That's all guys, happy crafting and remember, don't be the first 5 minutes of an episode of  supernatural!