Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Mini Knitted Moose Sam

 It has been a while I think since I posted something that made me seem like a Supernatural nut. Which is remiss of me. And so, say hello to my little moose!

It was quite a complicated knit, and a lot of it was trial and error as I went along but I'm going to try to make a pattern as best as I can in case you want to make a mini moose Sam too, and lets face it, who wouldn't?

Knitted with 3mm needles using DK wool.

Firstly for the body and the head (moose colour):
Cast on 20 stitches
Beginning with a knit row stocking stitch (SS) 20 rows.
Cut the yarn leaving a long tail and thread this through the 20 sts and pull tight.
Using mattress stitch sew down to the bottom of the body, stuff it and then sew up the bottom. Wrap a bit of  yarn tightly around the middle to make a neck.

The Nose (snout?):
Cast on 8 stitches
SS 4 rows.
Cut the yarn and thread it through the 8 stitches, put a little bit of stuffing inside before pulling the stitches to form a cup shape. Sew this onto the head.

You should now have something that looks a bit like this.

Legs (moose colour) make two:
Cast on 10 sts
SS 16 rows
Cast off
Sew with mattress stitch to the end of the leg, stuff and sew up.

Trousers (denimy blue):
Cast on 12 sts
SS 12 rows
Cut yarn and on the same needle CO 12 sts
SS 12 rows
SS 4 rows across both legs
Cast off.
Wrap the trouser legs round the moose legs and sew up. Then sew the trousers onto the moose.

Shirt (I used red, green and white, but it's up to you):
The shirt was complicated because obviously it has to be plaid. After some research I decided the best method was to knit a stripey shirt in a wide rib and then using a crochet hook add the vertical stripes after. A video that was really good at explaining this can be found here.
Cast on 19 sts (green)
Using K3 P1 rib, rib 2 rows green, 1 row red, 1 row green, 1 row red, 2 rows green, 1 row red, 1 row green, 1 row red, 2 rows green, cast off.

Add 4 lines of crochet stitching in the purl sections. In the image above I've done one of these. I then embroidered on some white stitching.

You can then cry a little bit about how many loose ends you've got to sew in but you're done.

Sew the shirt onto the body leaving the chest bare.

Arms (moose colour) make two:
Cast on 6 sts
SS 8 rows
Cast off
Sew with mattress stitch to the end of the arm, stuff and sew up.

Sleeves (whatever you used for the shirt) make two:
Just to make things awkward I used a number of stitches that didn't make it symmetrical so keep an eye on whether you're supposed to be knitting or purling.
Cast on 10 sts
First row (green) rib is K3 P1 K3 P1 K2, following this rib another row in green, 1 red, 2 green and cast off.
Add the 2 lines of crochet in red and the white embroidery.

Sew the arms into the sleeves and then sew onto the moose.

Now to the fun bit.

Antlers (white/cream) make two:
Cast on 2 sts
SS 10 rows
Cast off
Thread a small paperclip through the moose's head in a 'u' shape. Sew the horns on to this and onto the head at the bottom.
I also knitted to little bits (Cast on 2 sts, SS 4 rows, cast off and sew down) to sew onto the sides of the horns

Ears (moose colour) make two:
Cast on 4 sts
K 1 rows
P2 tog, P2 tog
K1 row
Cut yarn and  thread through both sts. Sew the base of the ear together so that it curves round. Attach to head.

I then embroidered on some nostrils, eyes and the tattoo, you can't really do anything too detailed with such thick yarn so I wouldn't recommend trying to do the actual tattoo just go for a rough approximation. And then he just needs some moosey hair.

And there you have it, please leave a comment if you have any questions or improvements.

The finished article with a traditional banana for scale.
Want to make a really cool Winchester journal necklace?  Check out my other Supernatural posts :)

Sunday, 22 February 2015

LOTR Knitting Update

My LOTR square is now 50% done! I'm a bit nervous because I've never tried to design a pattern before and there are too many stitches on the needle to properly see how it's going to turn out. I think worse case scenario I'll just pretend there was a tragic but very localised fire and I haven't the heart to start again.

It's hard to tell but I'm hoping when it is finished and can be properly flattened out that will turn into Frodo's face. Only time will tell. The pattern, although I would wait to see the end result if I were you, can be found on my earlier blog post here. If this is a success though I have already designed a Supernatural knitting chart and I'll start that one next, I whole new world of possibilities could be being opened up to me.

Next blog post: A very moosey Supernatural knit, so check back soon :D (Shameless self promotion)

Saturday, 14 February 2015

RAK Week - Day 6

This is my last Random act post as tomorrow I shall be out wandering the Peak district like Cathy from Wuthering heights, though hopefully clad a little more sensibly.  For today's random act I did something I've been meaning to do for ages, sort out my clothes and give some of it to a charity shop, I still have too many clothes but small steps.
In other news, Happy Valentine's day!

101 Places To Cry On Valentine's Day
This is me right now.

 To celebrate, me and some of my other single friends are going to see 50 Shades of Grey, as depressed lonely women; pyjamers, running makeup and hair back combed to within an inch of its life, it's going to be fun. Of course I have become a total hypocrite because I totally agree with the idea that FSOG romanticises violence towards women and that the message it sends to both genders is a dangerous one but as I said, hypocrite.
Anyhoo, I've got an awkward and abusive relationship to watch...
See you later :).

Friday, 13 February 2015

RAK Week Day 5 - Blanket Square

Wasn't sure what do to today, but if in doubt knit something right? The volunteer centre at my University collects knitted squares, and then they're knitted together into a blanket for the local hospice. Its 25 stitches across, and I knitted mine in garter stitch (all knit rows). For an easy way to check if you've knitted a square or not you can just fold over a corner diagonally to the opposite corner. If the two corners meet up then you've knitted a square.

Aside from this today has been very unproductive, I got up early and went to breakfast but then I just went straight back to bed and slept until my first lecture. Really need to start doing some work.
Still, there's always tomorrow :).

Thursday, 12 February 2015

RAK Week - Day 4

So today I was in the library, in the oppressively quiet section because I wanted to finish my essay, in some ways this was an act of kindness to myself because it's not even due for another 3 weeks! I've become the kind of proactive person I used to despise, but anyway I've gone off track. So I decided my random act today would be to leave some chocolate, because who doesn't like chocolate, for the next person to find, I probably totally timed it wrong and the next person to find it will be the cleaner, but then cleaning is a hard job so hopefully they'll take it instead.

Seriously though, it is unbelievably quiet, breathing sometimes feels like too much of an imposition and food and drink is banned, I've actually probably just got someone into trouble, but it's the thought that counts right?

Laters :).

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

RAK Day-3

To misquote Jane Eyre, 'to play the piano is one of the keenest pleasure I have ever known'. Today's random act wasn't particularly amazing I just taught one of my friends how to play the opening of In Dreams from the Lord of the Rings. She can't read sheet music but I just took her through the notes a few times and she remembered it. It was very impressive, I can't play anything unless I have the music, and those crazy talented people who can play by ear! Witchcraft I think.
If you are fond of the Lord of the Rings (and who isn't) and the piano I would check out the Piano Guys medley, it is amazing.

I love anything they do but this one is probably my favourite.
It was a really short one today but I am totally snowed under with work I have to do at the moment.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

RAK Week Day 2- Preemie Hat

So, if in doubt knit something right? The knitting society at my university makes hats for the prenatal ward of a nearby hospital and I've been meaning to make one for ages. They help to keep the babies warm in the incubators and comfort the parents by letting them know their baby is wearing something that was made with love.

I know you can get more complicated hats that leave holes and flaps for the various tubes and stuff (I'm doing history, not medicine) but I didn't feel confident in my ability to knit that.

I think that most hospitals, in the UK anyway accept hat donations and because they're so small they really don't take long to knit.

The Pattern is not mine but it was given away for free and it is for charity.

Cast on 43 (50:57:64) sts on 3.75mm needles
Work 4(6:6:6) rows in K1 P1 rib
Change to 4mm needles and continue in stocking stitch for 14(16:16:18) rows
(ADVANCED KNITTERS: please add a buttonhole every alternate stitch on the first row after rib)
Shape crown
1st row: *K5,K2tog* rep to last st, K1     46(43:49:55)sts
Begin with PURL row work 1(1:3:3)rows in stst
Next row: *K4,K2og* rep to last st, K1
Next row: Purl
Next row: *K3,K2og* rep to last st, K1
Next row: Purl
Next row: *K2,K2og* rep to last st, K1
Next row: Purl
Next row: *K1,K2og* rep to last st, K1
Next row: P1, *P2tog* rep to end of row.
Break off yarn, run yarn through remaining sts and pull tight. Sew up seams as flat as possible.
(ADVANCED KNITTERS) please leave 3cm at the bottom of the seam unsewn.

It is important that you only use 100% acrylic baby wool and that there are no knots or big loops in your knitting so that you don't irritate the baby's head.

And so good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow

Monday, 9 February 2015

Random Act of Kindness (RAK) Week- Day 1

It is RAK week! I would say I am an averagely nice person, I'm British so being polite is kinda etched into my DNA, I hold doors open for people and I always try to give good directions when people ask (I inevitably fail and probably make it worse but it's the thought that counts right). But we could all be a little bit nicer and so I am going to attempt to do one random act of kindness every day this week. There probably not going to be amazing, limited as I am by time and money, but I'll do my best. I'm not trying to be a 'do-gooder' either, hopefully these posts will only come across as 10% smug but also my 'random act' will be totally achievable.

Day 1:

Thought I'd start with a classic and it was a busy day today so it was good that it takes only 30 seconds.

I may have eaten one myself :)

 I just put a packet of biscuits in my block's pantry with a nice note. I guess it would have been better if I'd been able to make the biscuits myself but I don't have an oven so that wasn't possible. I liked this one because it was really easy, and anonymous so I didn't have to talk to anyone.

Have a good day, spread the love and see you tomorrow :D.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Doctor Who Scarf Mittens

I finished my Doctor Who scarf before Christmas, sadly it didn't get to quite full length but wool was running low and it was becoming a trip hazard. It is still more than twice my height. Anyway, it has wormed its way into my heart and now holds the title of 'favourite scarf' so I thought it was about time I made some mittens to match.

The mittens are inspired by my scarf which in turn was inspired by this pattern. All the details about my scarf can be found here. So that they matched I did the main part of the mittens in garter stitch (all knit rows) and used the same (incorrect) colours as I did for the scarf.

Instructioney bit in case you want to make some (without the colour changes):
Using 3mm needles cast on 40 stitches
K2 P2 rib for 20 rows
K 44 rows
K2 P2 rib for 3 rows
Cast off.
Sew down the sides using mattress stitch and remembering to leave a hole for the thumb.

If you want to make some exactly like mine then the left one is, beige for 20 rows in rib and 4 rows in garter stitch, red for 10 rows, orange for 4, navy for 20 rows and green for 6 rows of garter stitch and 3 in rib. The right one is grey for 20 rows in rib and 2 in garter stitch, red for 20 rows, navy for 8, beige for 12 and orange for 2 rows of garter stitch and 3 in rib.

In other news, because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, I've finally started watching Firefly and it is pretty good. Also Crowley's in it which is going to make any show great. Of course I should be doing my work instead but that's what student life is all about :).

Happy knitting :D

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Lord of the Rings Knitting Chart

Since I first watched it when I was 10 Lord of the Rings has been the biggest love of my life. It's pretty much the only film that is just as good, no matter how many times you watch it. It's the only series of films I've ever marathoned (extended edition obviously) and the basis by which I judge all potential new friends. I felt it was time I did some more LOTR knitting and inspired by this amazing crochet blog this week I decided to have a go at making my own knitting chart. I used the same website she does (pic2pat.com) and it was really easy.
This is the picture I want to recreate:

And this is my pattern:

Not bad, huh? But I can't really take any credit because the website does most (all) of the work.It is designed to make cross-stitch charts but they're basically the same as knitting charts and actually possibly a bit easier to read as they use symbols for the colours instead of the colours themselves so it doesn't matter if you have a crappy printer like I do. And because I have the patience of a small child I of course had to start knitting it immediately.

20 rows in.
It's a horrific 190 stitches long so even on massive 40cm needles you can't really see what you're doing. It's also the first thing I've done involving more than 2 colours for years which was a bit of a nightmare to start with. I'm also using one less shade of grey (49?) than the pattern suggests to make it a bit simpler by combining the darkest grey and the black into just black. It takes me nearly 30 minutes just to do one row but I'm hoping that will speed up as I get back into colourwork again. I'm not even sure what I'm going to do with it once I've finished. Cushion maybe? I don't even really know for sure how big it'll be.
In case you want to embark on this  probably too ambitious quest I've uploaded the pattern to Onedrive and this link should take you there:


Happy Knitting!