Friday, 7 November 2014

Merlin inspired Mittens

Without a doubt, especially if you don't include season 5 *shudder*, Merlin is one of my most favourite TV shows of all time. Luckily for me I share this love with my best friend and so for her birthday this year I decided to make her some Merlin themed mittens.

Like the Gondor mittens, they are just rectangles folded in half with a hole for the thumbs.

Boring instructions in case you want to make some yourself: I used 3mm needles and DK wool, the mittens are 40 sts across, the cuffs are 20 rows of K2P2 rib, then 5 rows of stocking stitch, continue in SS following the chart below (I put the furthest letter 4 sts from the edge with the thumb hole), then 5 rows of SS and 3 rows of K2P2 rib.

I can't believe its nearly two years since it ended :(. Nerdy Confession; sometimes I still get angry when I think about the way they ended it, in my opinion you can't spend 5 seasons on a plot line of Will Arthur find out that Merlin has magic? and then "resolve" it in the last 20 minutes of the finale episode, still I guess that's what fan fiction is for.
I leave you then with a slightly terrible drawing of Merlin and the wise words of Dr. Seuss "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

*Very deep voice of the Dragon* "Merrrrlinnn!"