Thursday, 30 October 2014

Supernatural is destroying my life!

The weird (supernatural?) thing about Supernatural is that though I love the show with all my heart, and I love finding people to talk to about it who share my passion, I would never recommend watching it to my friends.

Why? Because it has destroyed my life, I began it over the summer when I found Season 1 in a charity shop for £5 and it was a terrible idea, there are so many episodes! I'm on Season 7 at the moment, I've watched 136 episodes, that's 3 days 18 hours and 40 minutes! (I think, maths is hard when you're tired). I'm supposed to be doing all this work for university and instead I'm watching The Adventures of Sam and Dean. I set Heat of the Moment as my Tuesday alarm! That's how you know you've got it bad. But it affects the way you think too, the smell of rotten eggs suddenly = demon, I was delivering some leaflets for a friend when I saw all this salt over a driveway, slugs was my second thought.

Also its really hard to make new friends when you keep thinking of Sam saying  "Did you service Oberon, King of the Fairies" and doing a really weird smirk, I'm the one smirking, not Sam. And the crushing depression! Each season is like eagerly waiting 22 episodes for a punch in the face, I had an hour spare and I thought I'd watch Season 5 episode 10, when its not Sam or Dean its worse because you know they're, (probably) not coming back :'(, before I went out with one of my new Uni friends, (at the time we'd known each other for maybe two days) terrible idea, I greeted her with tears streaming down my cheek, nose like a tap, eyes red and puffy; its a miracle she still talks to me.

But its OK, I know I'm not alone, look I even found a GIF.
This gif really speaks to you | Community Post: 26 Signs That "Supernatural" Has Taken Over Your Life
Its basically an addiction.

Rant over :)

The Big Knit

Every year Innocent Smoothie run a campaign called The Big Knit and it is just the cutest thing ever. You just knit mini hats for their smoothie bottle and with every hat knitted they donate 25p to Age UK, I must admit I was scepticle sceptikle skepticle sceptical* (I had to Google it, why is it such a hard word to spell?) at first because 25p seems such a small amount of money but they've raised £1.5 million since it began in 2003 and they're really fun and quick to make. I made three this afternoon when I should have been reading about the 1848 revolution and preparing for my french speaking tomorrow, oops.
Like Bow-ties, Fezzes are cool! I'm sorry I didn't have an Innocent Smoothie bottle to display them beautifully on, all I had was two Pritt sticks :(

The Where's Wally inspired hat is just the "doddle hat" with 4 rows of red at the bottom and the pattern for that and the Fez are on the Big Knit website, which you can find Here.

The Tardis hat comes from a website with loads of amazing ideas and patterns and you can find that Here.

They also make really cute hair accessories, I think I might wear my Where's Wally hat to a Halloween party before I keep it for ever send it in to raise money for the elderly.

Boring but important piece of information: The hats have to be sent in before the 12th of November

Happy Knitting!

*it can also be spelt skeptical if you're American-I hate spelling!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The dreaded first post!

Is it weird that in my first week at university, while a lot of people in my block went clubbing, I attended a Knit and Natter?
Maybe, but I don't believe you should try to be something you're not, also it meant I had time to start on my Doctor Who scarf and I can't imagine a club being more exciting than that! (I'm kind of being sarcastic but also kind of not)
Some quite dull information about me I feel convention bound to include:
  • I'm studying (reading?) history
  • I'm a compulsive knitter
  • I love fantasy films, especially Lord of the Rings
I'm hoping this blog becomes somewhere I can post about my projects and some of my patterns, and also maybe the occasional Supernatural related rant.

Hopefully this wasn't too terrible :), Until next time.

Nerd out.