Thursday, 14 July 2016

My first pair of socks!

Ta da!
Apologies for the hideous 70s carpet!

I have fulfilled one of my new years resolutions, the singular press up is still looking like a bit of a pipe dream! Socks it turns out are not actually that hard, and everyone I spoke to, even my great uncle who (as far as I know) has no interest whatsoever in knitted told me to beware the heel turn! But it was actually fine, don't know what they were all talking about.

The socks look extra impressive because I used self striping yarn, which is, as far as I can tell anyway, magic! The shade I used was called Fall Night and can be found here. You could make a pair of short socks with one ball but I wanted my first pair to be special so knitted almost a whole ball into each one. Of course that does mean that these socks cost me £10.38 which seems a little ridiculous (I am supposed to be a poor university student after all) but I brought each ball individually so it didn't seem so bad at the time.

If anyone's interested in knitting some socks I found this video really helpful for the basics, it shows how to cast on the toe and turn the heel.

Happy knitting!