Friday, 16 October 2015

The Big Knit

Being a student one of my key skills is of course procrastination and it is amazing how having a house gives you so much more scope for things to do when you don't want to work. In halls last year I only had one room that I could clean but today I even did the oven.
The worst of course is the things that shouldn't really take priority over say, a ninety page article on the history of gun laws in America but also feel like a good way to spend ones time. This brings me nicely to my knitting project of the week: Innocent Smoothie hats.
It is indeed that time of year again, my goal is to beat my rather pathetic last year total of 5 and I'm already nearly half way there.

For every smoothie hat made Innocent Smoothie donates 25p to Age UK, so thus far that's a grand total of 50p on my part. Which does I admit seem a little pathetic but they are really fun to make, and it feels a lot more productive than cleaning ovens.

I have made a Cat in the Hat Hat and a Mad Hatter's Hat. The pattern I used can be found here. The price on the Mad Hatter's hat was just a tiny bit of paper which I superglued straight onto the wool. Irrevelant but quite interesting fact: The term 'mad as a hatter' comes from the 18th and 19th century when mercury was used to make felt for the hats. The hatters got mercury poisoning which at the time led to people thinking they were insane. Who says history is boring?