Friday, 18 September 2015

Knitted Dean Winchester

Not that I'm obsessed or anything... :). Initially this was going to match my moose Sam Winchester (visit my patterns page) but that's not really how it turned out so now I might have to make another. Anyhoo here is my knitted Dean Winchester.

 All knitted with 3mm needles and DK yarn.

Body and head (black and flesh colour):
Cast on 20 stitches in black
Beginning with a knit row stocking stitch (SS) 10 rows.
Switch to a pale pink and SS 8 rows.
Cut the yarn leaving a long tail and thread this through the 20 sts and pull tight.
Using mattress stitch sew down to the bottom of the body, stuff it and then sew up the bottom. Wrap a bit of  yarn tightly around the middle to make a neck.

Legs (black) make two:
Cast on 10 sts
SS 14 rows
Cast off
Sew with mattress stitch to the end of the leg, stuff and sew up.

Trousers (denimy blue):
Cast on 12 sts
SS 10 rows
Cut yarn and on the same needle CO 12 sts
SS 10 rows
SS 4 rows across both legs
Cast off.

Sew the legs onto the body then wrap the trouser legs round the legs and sew up. Then sew the trousers onto the body.

Shirt (green):
Cast on 18 sts (green)
SS 12 rows.
Cast off.
Sew the shirt onto the body leaving the chest bare.

Arms (pale pink) make two:
Cast on 6 sts
SS 8 rows
Cast off
Sew with mattress stitch to the end of the arm, stuff and sew up.

Sleeves (green) make two:
Cast on 8 sts
SS 5 rows
Cast off
Sew the arms into the sleeves and then sew onto the body.

To finish:
Thread some grey wool through a small yellow bead to make the Samulet.
Embroider eyes and a mouth in black.
For the hair I did a mixture of sewing on some of it and also leaving some yarn loose which I then split into it's separate stands.

I did receive a comment on my Sam Winchester pattern that it would be better if the clothes were removable (and who wouldn't want to remove his clothes) and I did give this some thought but while I can see it working for the trousers I felt it made the shirt far too complicated, so I am sorry about that, but I did consider it.

As always if you have any questions or suggestions leave me a comment. Also if you would like to make a less moosey Sam and would like a pattern for that leave me a comment and I will see what I can do.