Sunday, 10 May 2015

Tiny Flags

It's less than two weeks to Eurovision! I am a complete Eurovision nut, it's easily my favourite night of the year. It's one of those rare and wonderful things that are both so bad they're good and so good they're, well, good. Also Graham Norton makes anything brilliant.

Anyway in celebration of the 60th anniversary of this joyous occasion I have decided to knit some tiny flags. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet, bunting maybe, but they're really cute and I thought I would share them.
So far, because the semi-finals haven't happened, and I don't really want to knit 40 flags, I have only included the 'Big Five' and of course Austria. Still I may do more.

(I know Italy is upside down, sorry)
All the flags were knitted using 3mm needles and DK yarn. They are all 15 stitches wide and 10 rows of stocking stitch tall so the pattern should be fairly easy to adjust for whichever country you want (although there is a reason why I haven't yet attempted Australia). Nevertheless here are the patterns for all the flags i have made thus far.

SS=Stocking Stitch

Cast on 15 stitches in red
Knit 5 stitches in red, 5 in white and, 5 in blue/green
Continue in SS until you have 10 rows using the intarsia method (twisting the threads as you switch from one colour to another)
Using the red yarn cast off
Sew in all loose ends.

Cast on 15 stitches in yellow/red
Beginning with a knit row SS 3 rows
Switch to red/white and SS 4 rows
Switch to black/red and SS 3 rows
Cast off
Sew in all loose ends.

Cast on 15 stitches in red
Beginning with a knit row SS 2 rows
Switch to yellow and SS 6 rows
Back to red and SS 2 rows
Cast off
Obviously on so small a space you're never going to be able to do a perfect replica of the Coat of Arms (or maybe you can) so I just did a rough approximation with red yarn.
Sew in all loose ends.

Union Jack:
The most complicated one but being British I felt obliged to include it (though I don't know why I bother, people say we loose for political reasons but lets face it our entrants are, at best, not normally anything special- Scooch I'm looking at you)
Cast on 15 stitches in blue
Row 1: knit 7sts blue, 1st red, 7sts blue
Row 2: Purl 7 blue, 1 red, 7 blue
Row 3 & 4: repeat rows 1 & 2
Switch to red and SS 2 rows
Repeat rows 1-4
Cast off
Embroider on diagonal red lines and then round all the red in white as shown in the picture above
Sew in all loose ends.

And there you have it. Sorry for the very Eurovision centric post but there's no reason why you couldn't use this pattern for a different event. I appreciate that some people find Eurovision just as dull as I find the World Cup but I try not to judge :).

I probably won't be updating for a bit because all my exams are looming and apparently I have to pass this year or something...