Monday, 2 March 2015

LOTR Knitting Update

It's now 75% finished and a monstrosity to carry around. But Gandalf has appeared, kind of.

When I take pictures of it, or even just look at it from really far away and squint a bit, then I think, yeah this could be alright. *sturgeon face*. But up close it does, to be perfectly honest look a bit of a mess. Still that is why I love knitting pictures so much. You are really never sure what is going to come off your needles. I remember when I made a Harry Potter blanket (not my pattern but it's on Ravelry) Draco was a total disappointment when I cast him off.
I am not looking forward to sewing in the loose ends though. This is what my back looks like at the moment.

If I was one of those amazing forward thinking people I would have sewn them in as I went along but there is a reason why present me always hates past me. Still with a bit of luck my next post should be the finished item. Which is very exciting.
Right, I need to pretend to write an essay for a few hours now.