Wednesday, 11 February 2015

RAK Day-3

To misquote Jane Eyre, 'to play the piano is one of the keenest pleasure I have ever known'. Today's random act wasn't particularly amazing I just taught one of my friends how to play the opening of In Dreams from the Lord of the Rings. She can't read sheet music but I just took her through the notes a few times and she remembered it. It was very impressive, I can't play anything unless I have the music, and those crazy talented people who can play by ear! Witchcraft I think.
If you are fond of the Lord of the Rings (and who isn't) and the piano I would check out the Piano Guys medley, it is amazing.

I love anything they do but this one is probably my favourite.
It was a really short one today but I am totally snowed under with work I have to do at the moment.