Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Lord of the Rings Knitting Chart

Since I first watched it when I was 10 Lord of the Rings has been the biggest love of my life. It's pretty much the only film that is just as good, no matter how many times you watch it. It's the only series of films I've ever marathoned (extended edition obviously) and the basis by which I judge all potential new friends. I felt it was time I did some more LOTR knitting and inspired by this amazing crochet blog this week I decided to have a go at making my own knitting chart. I used the same website she does (pic2pat.com) and it was really easy.
This is the picture I want to recreate:

And this is my pattern:

Not bad, huh? But I can't really take any credit because the website does most (all) of the work.It is designed to make cross-stitch charts but they're basically the same as knitting charts and actually possibly a bit easier to read as they use symbols for the colours instead of the colours themselves so it doesn't matter if you have a crappy printer like I do. And because I have the patience of a small child I of course had to start knitting it immediately.

20 rows in.
It's a horrific 190 stitches long so even on massive 40cm needles you can't really see what you're doing. It's also the first thing I've done involving more than 2 colours for years which was a bit of a nightmare to start with. I'm also using one less shade of grey (49?) than the pattern suggests to make it a bit simpler by combining the darkest grey and the black into just black. It takes me nearly 30 minutes just to do one row but I'm hoping that will speed up as I get back into colourwork again. I'm not even sure what I'm going to do with it once I've finished. Cushion maybe? I don't even really know for sure how big it'll be.
In case you want to embark on this  probably too ambitious quest I've uploaded the pattern to Onedrive and this link should take you there:


Happy Knitting!