Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Knitted Snape Bookmark

So this was one of those thoughts that in your head seems like a really good idea but in reality turns out to be a bit of a disaster. This is probably the worst, most impractical bookmark of all time but I made it for my twin and she seems happy, so what can you do?

As you can probably tell I also still have yet to master the art of writing using chain stitch but I felt if I was going to embark on this terrible idea then I had to do it properly and see it through to the end. If for some strange reason you would like to replicate him (don't do it) the pattern is pretty similar to my mini knitted Castiel except instead of making legs you knit until it's bookmark length. I put some Cardboard in it to so he stays upright but to be honest I'm not sure whether that made it better or worst :).

I don't think there's really much else to add about this project but on a side note Exeter (where my twin lives) is a really beautiful place. I wouldn't recommend it if you're adverse to climbing up massive hills though but they have a lovely quay (in my head, though I know it's "key", I still pronounce this word "kerrway"), lots of old buildings and a really cool, if slightly random free museum.

I don't think the picture really makes it clear, but for only 40p a man will pull you across the river on his hand-operated cable ferry. You can't really get much cooler than that, can you? There is a bridge, but I think you pay for the novelty.
Bet you thought these birds were alive :). The stuffed animal section of the Exeter museum.
Until next time then :). Be good (and if you can't be good be careful).