Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Cable Knitting

Continuing with my quest (so much cooler than "new year's resolution") to learn some new knitting skills this week I've been cable knitting. I have until this moment always gazed in wonder at those who can do this mistakenly assuming that it was as hard as it looks. But like most things to do with knitting, it's really not.

If you can knit, purl, count and slip stitches onto a different needle and back again then you have all the skills you need. I had also always thought that you'd need specialist equipment, but although you can buy special cabling hooks you can also just slide the stitches onto a different needle. The green square is the most simple cable stitch, just switching from purling to knitting for the cable. I would recommend watching a YouTube video as it's always easier in my opinion to be shown how something works rather than read it, but the basic idea is that if for example you had a 6 stitch cable, you'd slip the first three stitches onto a needle, then knit 3 stitches, then slip those first three stitches back onto the left hand needle and knit them too.

 I'm sorry if that doesn't make perfect sense, I was up until two this morning finishing We Need to Talk About Kevin, it is an amazing book, although I'm jumping so late on that bandwagon that I think most people have already left.

Anyway, I'm back at uni now which is nice but I also have exams which is not so great and I feel like I've forgotten how to work, I can do an hour now tops before the lure of a nap or a snack becomes to great for me and one of my exams is on a Saturday! French grammar at 9 o clock on a Saturday must surely be some kind of abuse. Life is pain.

So good luck to anyone with exams.
Happy Revising! :D
*groans and curls back under blanket*