Saturday, 17 January 2015

I Hate Revising!

One exam done :), one to go and very jealous of all my friends who have already finished. I like how my university makes you come back a few weeks before any lectures or seminars start, it gives you lots of time to revise for exams draw terrible Supernatural fan art. I don't know what happened to Sam's face but it wasn't anything good and I just gave up with Cas and decided to pretend that I meant it to look like that, which I can do because it's "art".
I admit, it's not my best work

Things I have done with all this free time:
  • Knitted (constantly)
  • Napped (almost constantly)
  • Wrapped a scarf around my head and pretended to be Queen Amadala
  • Drank an absurd amount of tea
  • Tried to remind myself several times that "only boring people get bored" and then succumbed to it.
  • Started watching the Christmas specials of comedies I don't even watch because that's all that is on BBC iplayer.
What I should have been doing:
  • Reading through my notes
  • Practising exam questions
  • Drawing mind maps
  • Making beautifully colour coded but ultimately useless flash cards
This is a slight exaggeration, I have been doing some work but I like to plan things around things I have to do so I find it hard to have so much unstructured free time. I've been good, and getting up and having breakfast by nine each day but sometimes I just go back to bed afterwards. Today I didn't even get dressed, I just put more clothes on over my pyjamers and pretended I was a normal functioning human being. Still after next week it'll all be over and when I'm back to lectures and reading lists I will long for weeks of nothing to do. C'est la vie.