Sunday, 14 December 2014

Snowman Christmas Jumper

My first semester at university is over :'( it is scary how quickly it went by and I can't believe its nearly 2015! But it is amazing to be back home with my family, even if it meant I had to get the train with the child from hell who would not stop screaming and a suitcase so heavy I couldn't really lift it, whoever built the lifts for the Underground, from the bottom of my heart thank you!
Still, I made it and I'm really excited for Christmas, I had to eat 14 advent calender chocolates today because I hadn't been bothered enough to buy one in Nottingham. It is weird though because I definitely used to be Theoden in the picture below

One of the reasons I love Christmas has to be the alcohol and the presents the Christmas jumpers they're just so warm and cozy and pretty much the only item of clothing where the more hideous it gets the better. This year I decided to give in to the fact that I am an 80 year old stuck inside an 18 year old's body and make my first Christmas jumper for my sister. Seriously though, I like Alfie Boe, never go clubbing and I now know bus numbers, if someone says they want to go to the train station I'm like "oh then you'll be taking the 34", university has aged me considerably.
Here it is.

The pattern is from a book by Sue Stratford called Merry Christmas sweaters. I think it is a great book, because it gives you the pattern for a basic jumper in lots of different sizes and the instructions are really clear and easy to follow. I've actually used her jumper pattern a few times without actually making a Christmas jumper. This jumper is based off  her Snowman jumper but I have never properly stuck to a pattern in my life so I gave the snowman a top hat instead of a Santa's hat, her pattern for the snowman also had a really cute Robin on the back but because I wanted a red jumper and not the light blue one the book suggests I had to cut out the Robin too. In case you're interested the amazon link for her book can be found here and a free PDF for the snowman jumper can be found on her Ravelry page here.

To the very small amount of people who will read this, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.