Sunday, 7 December 2014

My first ever crochet square!

So all my deadlines have finally passed for this year, I don't think I'm failing anything and I've caught up on Agents of Shield (I have mixed opinions about this show, it's compelling but I kind off hate myself every time I watch it), however, with this new free time I decided to do something completely new and exciting. I learnt how to crochet! It was an adrenaline fuelled couple of hours and I now even have a passable granny square to show for it.

It's true that my technique probably does still need some work and my choice of colours could be more exciting, but I'm proud. Youtube as always was amazing for learning the techniques but this pattern was the easiest one I found to follow it was really helpful and good if you want to make a granny square with more that one colour. The granny square only uses chain stitch and treble crochet so there's not much to learn before you can give it a go. However, ( and it says this on the pattern too) it is important to remember that this is a British treble crochet which is not the same as an American treble crochet it's actually an American double crochet, don't ask me why.
 I don't think crochet could ever replace knitting in its woolen section of my heart but it was really fun experience and progress does seem to be a lot quicker with crochet. I love how easy it is to undo crochet as well, I think because you only ever have one stitch its definitely a lot easier than knitting and this came in handy on my first 6 practice goes.

It has altogether been a day of new experiences, I also went rambling near Bakewell and rewarded myself with my first ever proper Bakewell pudding, it was delicious but the walk itself was absolutely freezing, and muddy and wet, I think it might actually have snowed at one point and because I live in halls there is absolutely nowhere to dry my boots. We were in a beautiful part of the country but its hard to appreciate it with hailstones dripping down your back, we even walked next to Chatsworth house, which is where Pride and Prejudice (not the one with Colin Firth sadly) but I was too busy dreaming of cups of tea to get excited. Still, as my friend's Dad would smugly say, "there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing."