Saturday, 27 December 2014

Mini Knitted Castiel Keyring

Channel 4s gonna start showing Supernatural in January which is amazing timing because I'm halfway through season 8 at the moment and now I don't have to buy the next box set to carry on watching. (I bought season 1 for £5... and a part of my soul, in a charity shop but then it became a more and more expensive habit to maintain) So in celebration here's a supernatural knit, and something to do in that weirdly long space between Christmas and New Year. Mini Castiel is only 9cm (3.5"),but that just makes him cuter.

This is actually a present for my friend but I won't see her until late January so I couldn't resist trying him out on my keys.

It's a very quick and simple knit, I think he took maybe 2 hours but I was playing a traditional Christmas board game with my family at the same time.

You will need:
3mm knitting needles.
Tiny amount of stuffing
Tapestry/darning needle
Scraps of DK wool in; black, royal blue, white, flesh colour and creamy beige colour (check that the wool you use for his trench coat isn't too similar to his face and arms)

Because it's such a small project I used the cable cast on method which is a horrible and (for me at least) a lot more time consuming way of casting on but it does make it neater.

For the body:
In black CO (cast on) 10 sts
SS (stocking stitch) 10 rows
Leaving sts on needle cut thread and CO another 10 sts to same needle
SS 10 rows
Knit across both legs
Purl one row
Switch to white and SS 8 rows
Switch to skin tone and SS 10 rows
Cut wool leaving 20 cm and thread through all 20 sts pulling it tight

The Jacket
In blue CO 16 sts
SS 8 rows
BO (bind off)

The Trench Coat
In beige CO 16 sts
SS 16 rows

Arms (make two)
In skin colour CO 6 sts
SS 3 rows
Switch to beige SS 6 rows
Cut wool leaving 20 cm and thread through all 6 sts pulling it tight

The Tie
CO 1 st
SS 6 rows
Thread wool through loop

The Collar
CO 18 sts

Wing 1
In black CO 14 sts
K5, Slip 1 Knit 1 pass slipped st over, K5
P1 row
K1 row
P4, P2tog, P2tog, P4

Wing 2
In black CO 14sts
P5, Slip 1 Purl 1 pass slipped stitch over, P5
K1 row
P1 row
K4, K2tog, K2tog, K4
BO (purl wise)

You should now have all the pieces.

 Taking your body sew from the top of his head down to his crotch, stuff the body, and then sew down his legs, stuff the legs and sew up the feet. (I use mattress stitch but you could turn it inside out and use back stitch). Using the skin coloured wool, loop it round the bottom of his head to give him a neck.

Then add his collar and his tie.

Layer over the jacket and the coat. Sew and stuff the arms and then attach them and the wings on top off the coat. The hair is made just by sewing onto his head, but do it loosely or you can end up with weird bumps. Finally embroider on some eyes and a mouth.

Somehow making it into a keyring makes it less weird, maybe? It was good fun though I might have to make some for myself.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Adios bitch Audi nos.