Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

I hope you read this post feeling as well-fed and contented as I do writing it, well maybe not quite as well-fed, I think I might explode if I so much as look at another mince pie. It's lovely to be at home celebrating Christmas with my family but I'm starting to detect a theme in the presents I'm receiving.

Although I must admit I've never personally experienced the urge to knit a cauliflower before it's nice that I now could if I wanted to. I didn't realise I'd been so vocal in my love of Supernatural either, or at least I assumed everyone had taken to ignoring me and thinking "Ellen's gone off on one again" every time I brought it up, but I even have Supernatural cake decorations now... and a book filled with pictures of knitted poos.

I think Dad was pleased too with his personally designed t-shirt. It says "words fall from mouth as shit from arse" and I really think that could of gone either way, especially if he'd opened it in front of his 90 year old mother, there were a few tense  hours this morning. (I'd like to clarify, for those who don't immediately recognise it, it's a quote from Spartacus, the TV show not the 1970s Kirk Douglass epic, which I watch with my Dad and my twin when Mum's out, so it was supposed to be a joke). I do love Spartacus but it's difficult to describe without using the words gory and porn, I watch it for the plot I swear :). I got mum a more traditional (and safe) personalised calendar which went down well because not understanding modern day technology (I once came home to a tragic story about the long email she was working on suddenly disappearing and having to write it again only to discover that she'd just minimized it) she considers uploading photos to to be a highly skilled and time consuming task

Anyhoo, it was altogether an exciting Christmas. I'm off to knit a aubergine now so Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!