Thursday, 20 November 2014

Knitwear in The Matrix

One of my favourite things about my university is it has a SciFi society, I go there every Wednesday and watch a different film, usually its an amazingly bad 80s film and last week it was a film called Bubba Ho-tep about Elvis Presley and a black JFK as elderly men in a nursing home fighting an evil Mummy, and yes it is as amazing as it sounds.
But anyway, I digress, so I watched The Matrix for the first time yesterday, shocking I know but the opportunity has never really presented itself before, and it is an amazing film.The monologues about truth and "There is no spoon", were eerily similar to my post-modernist lectures but I loved it for many reasons, it's clever, original, has some kick-ass fight scenes (sometimes it was a bit like a Western Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), great camera angles, et cetera, but also the knitwear. I'm fairly sure that when you start focusing on the knitting in films that's how you know you've got a problem but if ever there was a proof for the saying "it's not a hobby its a post-apocalyptic life skill" then the dystopian future of The matrix is it. I loved the mittens and the ragged jumpers, especially Trinity's.
In my opinion this beats all the black leather any day.

And so I have been on an internet quest for Knitwear inspired by The Matrix.

1. The Matrix Sweater by Boadicea Binnerts.
matrix sweater main pic
I love the threadbare raggedy look of this jumper. The Pattern is available for $6.50 (about £4 I think) here on Ravelry.

2. Fingerless Mittens by Finn Garian
Perfect for keeping you hands warm while you do important and super fast typing. This Pattern is knitted in the round, claims to be really easy and best of all is free. It's also on Ravelry and can be found here.

3. Binary scarf by
So its not from the actual film, but you have to admit it does look pretty awesome and the pattern is also free, I love the internet. Not on Ravelry this time, you can find the pattern here.

 *Best Hugo Weaving voice* "Goodbye Mr Anderson"