Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The dreaded first post!

Is it weird that in my first week at university, while a lot of people in my block went clubbing, I attended a Knit and Natter?
Maybe, but I don't believe you should try to be something you're not, also it meant I had time to start on my Doctor Who scarf and I can't imagine a club being more exciting than that! (I'm kind of being sarcastic but also kind of not)
Some quite dull information about me I feel convention bound to include:
  • I'm studying (reading?) history
  • I'm a compulsive knitter
  • I love fantasy films, especially Lord of the Rings
I'm hoping this blog becomes somewhere I can post about my projects and some of my patterns, and also maybe the occasional Supernatural related rant.

Hopefully this wasn't too terrible :), Until next time.

Nerd out.