Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Big Knit

Every year Innocent Smoothie run a campaign called The Big Knit and it is just the cutest thing ever. You just knit mini hats for their smoothie bottle and with every hat knitted they donate 25p to Age UK, I must admit I was scepticle sceptikle skepticle sceptical* (I had to Google it, why is it such a hard word to spell?) at first because 25p seems such a small amount of money but they've raised £1.5 million since it began in 2003 and they're really fun and quick to make. I made three this afternoon when I should have been reading about the 1848 revolution and preparing for my french speaking tomorrow, oops.
Like Bow-ties, Fezzes are cool! I'm sorry I didn't have an Innocent Smoothie bottle to display them beautifully on, all I had was two Pritt sticks :(

The Where's Wally inspired hat is just the "doddle hat" with 4 rows of red at the bottom and the pattern for that and the Fez are on the Big Knit website, which you can find Here.

The Tardis hat comes from a website with loads of amazing ideas and patterns and you can find that Here.

They also make really cute hair accessories, I think I might wear my Where's Wally hat to a Halloween party before I keep it for ever send it in to raise money for the elderly.

Boring but important piece of information: The hats have to be sent in before the 12th of November

Happy Knitting!

*it can also be spelt skeptical if you're American-I hate spelling!