Saturday, 1 November 2014

25% of a Doctor Who scarf is...

...just a quite short stripy scarf :(. But it has been ages since I've made anything so simple and I'm really enjoying it, I even take it into some of my lectures (not the important lectures, but some of mine at the moment are on things like essay writing), what, you should use paragraphs in essays?!There was I thinking that crooked arrow key was just for sending messages on Facebook, revolutionary stuff.
 Anyway knitting helps me focus when the topics are slightly less invigorating and I love seeing it grow beneath my needles, I've been knitting for several years now but it still seems like magic to me.

Banana for scale
In case anyone's interested the pattern I'm working from for this scarf can be found Here. I'm using DK wool, 4.5mm needles and it's 56 stitches across. I am also aware of the fact that it's in the wrong colours, sorry, but I'm a poor student so I'm just using the wool I already had. Additionally (confession time) I've never even seen the Tom Baker Doctor Whos so it's not like I can claim to be a true Whovian anyway.

Until next time :)

*Whirring sound of a TARDIS departing*